Melbourne dentist referred to regulator over new claims

A Melbourne dentist previously found to have received fake five-star Google reviews from patients that likely did not exist has been referred to the nation's therapeutic goods regulator over new claims her clinic has breached advertising laws.

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John Farnham’s long surgery reveals the complexity of oral cancers

It has been widely reported that John ‘The Voice’ Farnham had part of his jaw removed on Tuesday in marathon surgery for cancer of the mouth. The family is yet to confirm these details – but removal of the jaw in part or total isn’t uncommon when treating oral cancer.

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Practitioners on the sub-register can opt in to extend their registration

Practitioners on the pandemic response sub-register who are currently practising can now opt in to extend their temporary registration so they can continue supporting the health system.

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Australians raided $1.6 billion in superannuation savings to pay for health care

Australians have raided almost $1.6 billion from their retirement funds to pay for medical treatment in the past three years...Dental work, stomach surgeries and IVF are common uses of super withdrawals

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Dental biorhythm is associated with adolescent weight gain, study finds

New research has discovered evidence of a biorhythm in human primary teeth that is associated with weight gain during adolescence.

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